Hughes Memorial Foundation will use the following criteria in evaluating reqests for grants:


  •  Non-profit status of your organization
  •  Location of organization
  •  Degree of need for assistance with child-based funded programs
  •  Self-sufficiency and sustainability of the program
  •  Impact past, present and future on the targeted youth
  •  Completion of application process with all required documentation as outlined in the Grant Application Process
  *NOTE: Hughes Memorial Foundation reserves the right to conduct on-site visits if deemed necessary. 


    Hughes Memorial Foundation typically does not award grants to the following:

    • Private 509(a) foundations
    • Public Schools
    • Private Schools
    • Government agencies
    • Sectarian and religious organizations (except for special projects that minister only to needy and/or at-risk children and are not a part of the organization's customary ministry)
    • Organizations or persons for distribution to other beneficiaries of their own choosing
    • Grants for any purpose which would jeopardize its tax-exempt status
    • Loans
    • Debt retirement or deficit financing
    • Normal operating expenses
    • Propaganda and/or lobbying
    • Influencing elections
    • Research
    • Activities carried out beyond the boundaries of Virginia and North Carolina
    • Continuation of programs previously financed by other external sources
    • Emergency funding
    • Endowment
    • General fund drives or annual charitable appeals
    • Attendance at conferences, seminars or workshops
    • Media production and distribution, including television and radio programming

    Grant Application Narrative


    Please structure your proposal to provide the following information in the order indicated. Use the headings and subheadings provided. Then, in your own words, address the questions and issues posed in the outline. The questions reflect the general interests and concerns of Hughes Memorial Foundation, but are not intended to be conclusive. Additional pertinent information to your project should be included if necessary. Please be thorough, but strive to be brief.


    A.  Narrative:

    1.  Organization information
    • Summarize your organization's history.
    • State your mission and goals, future challenges, and long-range plans.
    • Outline current programs and activities.
    • Highlight accomplishments.

           2.  Purpose of Grant

    • Describe the proposed program or project.
    • Identify the needs/programs to be addressed, target population and number of people to be served by the project.
    • Describe the project goals and objectives, and your plan to meet them.
    • Define the project as a new or continuing program.
    • Identify other organizations, partners or funders participating the project and their roles.
    • Provide a timetable for implementation.
    • Identify long-term funding resources.

           3.   Evaluation

    • Describe your plan to document progress and results. Interim and final evaluation and expenditure reports will be required for every grant awarded.




    Required Information


    Complete the online grant application located on the website. Upload and attach to your application the required information listed below:

    1. Narrative
    2. Copy of the current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
    3. Statement verifying payroll tax payments.
    4. Organization structure, including:
      • List of officers and directors, including occupations, places of employment, and relevant affiliations
      • Description of board responsibilities, including committee assignments
      • Resumes and/or job descriptions of key personnel involved in the project
    5. Finances:
      • Grant budget
      • List of other funders, potential funders and amounts committed or requested, including public contracts, individual contributions and other sources of income supporting the project
      • Current board-approved annual operating budget, including expenses and income
      • Most recent audited annual financial statement
    6. Letters of support from Board officer(s) that substantiate need for the project and collaboration with other organizations
    7. Annual report, if available

    Contact Info

    Hughes Memorial Foundation
    223 Riverview Drive, Ste. I
    Danville, VA 24543
    P: 434-799-2412
    F: 434-799-3089

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